Owner: Arizona State University 

Architect(s): Architekton (Tempe, AZ) and Grimshaw (New York, NY) 

Engineer: BuroHappold (New York, NY) 

General Contractor: McCarthy Building Companies 

Exterior Highlights:  

  1. The exterior facades of the building were constructed utilizing prefabricated building systems, or components built in off-site manufacturing plants, which were shipped to the jobsite for final installation.  
  1. StoPanel Backup walls by Kapture Prefab (Tempe, AZ) – 220 panels 
  1. StoPanel Metal walls by Kapture Prefab (Tempe, AZ) in collaboration with Centria (Sheridan, AR and Frankfurt, KY) – 85 panels 
  1. GFRC Components by Unlimited Designs (Salt Lake City, UT) – 942 panels 
  1. Complete design-assist approach to construction. MKB assisted the Design Team with taking their ideas and concepts and turning them into reality through team collaboration and advanced construction practices. 
  1. GFRC Panels included geometry that was formulated after years of solar studies of the project site. Each exterior façade is designed to maximize the thermal efficiency of the building.  
  1. Each GFRC panel overlapped and interlocked the panels adjacent to one another, creating an overlapping open-jointed rainscreen that was installed in a very specific “cascading” sequence.  
  1. After a complete structural redesign of a previous engineering judgement, project utilized TSN DriftTrak to install all prefab wall panels to the structure, and a custom attachment detail to install the GFRC to the backup wall.  
  1. The interior courtyard of the project included prefabricated panels clad with a custom color insulated metal panel, which appears to change colors based on the angle it is being viewed.  
  1. Project received LEED Platinum accreditation.  
  1. The use of prefabrication allowed us to meet a very tight construction schedule, which would not have been possible with traditional methods.