Canopy by Hilton Hotel – Tempe, AZ

Owner: Driftwood Hospitality

Architect: Allen + Philp Partners

GC: Sundt


Hilton Canopy Exterior Highlights:
1. Design of building facade based on a digital rendition of musical notes from the ASU Fight Song.
2. Complete design-assist approach to construction, beginning with Conceptual Drawings in 2017. MKB and KPF assisted the Design Team in matching the design intent with modern technology and construction practices, while maintaining budget and schedule.
3. L. 3-14 utilized prefabricated building assemblies, including the use of 281 StoPanels composed of a hybrid ClassicNext/Dri-Design system, totaling 48,000 SF.
4. Prefabricated building system installed in 12 weeks, compared to 6-8 months if done traditionally.
5. Full drainage Sto EIFS system applied to traditionally framed walls, and DEFS system applied to soffits/ceilings, totaling 15,000 SF. Hi impact mesh installed at high traffic areas around pool deck.
Hilton Canopy Interior Highlights:
1. Canyon Ceiling aka Arroyo Ceiling at Canopy Central Lobby. MKB was able to value engineer this ceiling to fit the owner’s budget, and provide unmatched quality when delivering the final product.
2. Interior guestrooms included sound isolated drywall ceilings, required to meet IIC 55 due to the flooring being exposed concrete. Utilizing Pac International RSIC-1 Clips in the guestrooms and Kinetics Noise Control IsoGrid Clips at the entrance, we were able to exceed performance expectations.
3. Interior Quantities of Installation:
a. Wall Framing – 21,000 LF
b. Ceiling Framing – 90,000 SF
c. Board Hung and Finished to L. 4– 530,000 SF
d. ACT Ceilings – 3,000 SF
4. Project Specs
a. 198 guestrooms
b. Full bar and restaurant on L. 1 and L. 14
c. Conference/Multifunction rooms, Fitness Room, and locker rooms on L. 13
d. Rooftop pool and cabanas with full locker room/restroom.